Maple Hot Toddy & Balasana

So it’s that time of year where everybody gets the cold. There’s the change in weather, temperature, tons of new people about (students everywhere!) and everybody gets unwell in quick succession. Now of course, the common cold is a virus, technically you cannot get rid of it with anything other than rest and fluids and letting it work itself out your system. But we can do something about those symptoms! Runny nose, sneezing, coughing, blocked sinuses, it suuuucks.

There are lots of remedies you can buy such as Lemsip which will do the job, throat lozenges, cough syrup, etc. but I think it’s best to limit, where practical, the amount of chemicals and painkillers we put into our bodies.

So my first advice is ginger – it’s great for cold symptoms, I replaced the water in my bottle with cold brewed Pukka 3 Ginger tea, but even just adding a few slices of ginger to your water will help you get better quicker and tastes really good.

Chilli, garlic and turmeric will all help get rid of those sickly symptoms, so use them in your cooking wherever you can – think curry, soup, roast cauliflower, etc.

Lemon is a classic home remedy, so put that in your water, tea, cooking, wherever you can get it in. And of course I’d be remiss if I did not mention that wonderful, effective, and very Scottish cold (and everything else) remedy… whisky. The classic hot toddy uses Scotch and honey, so we’re mixing it up and making it vegan!

Maple Hot Toddy


Juice of half a lemon
25ml Jack Daniels
dsp maple syrup
boiling water

optional extras

ginger, cloves, cinnamon, orange juice, apple juice


Stir together in a mug the lemon juice, Jack and maple syrup. Top with hot water, stir it all together again. Get your jammies on and climb under the covers with a boxset of your choice lined up to watch. Sip slowly – it’s hot – and feel better.

And since there’s no paracetamol you’re not limited to one every 4 hours!

When I’m unwell I don’t want to move around a lot. A walk with the dog is sufficient for the day’s activity, and it is important to get out and get fresh air, but once I’m in I’m reducing my movement to only what’s essential. That means sun sals are out, my balance is shot and I don’t feel strong, so let’s take it easy and sit back in Child’s Pose…

Image result for balasana

  • from Down Dog, turn your heels in and bring your knees down wide on the mat.
  • Press your bum back to your heels and bring your forehead down to the mat.
  • If it’s more comfortable for you make a pillow for your forehead with your hands, otherwise take them back and hold your heels.
  • Relax, breathe slow, and hold for as long as you feel like it.

So to everyone feeling horrid this week – take it easy, and feel better soon.

Nicky x


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