Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Ginger Soup

I’ve been a little inconsistent with my blogging again lately, and frankly don’t have a good reason for it. There’s been a bit too much distraction, and few too many late nights, and a lack of focus on my part. As ever, like everyone, I’m always endeavouring to do better, so I’ll keep trying to get on here once a week, but unfortunately sometimes some things fall by the wayside a little.

Yoga practise keeps me sane. It keeps me grounded, keeps me emotionally stable, keeps me from falling off the edge, keeps me on the right track, keeps me striving for more and reminds me to be happy. It’s a very personal journey for me, and so sometimes I close off a little from others and don’t want to share what I’ve been doing. I’ve never been one for instagramming my asanas, it’s a bit too showy for me, but I have no judgement for those who do.

To that end, this week I have no yoga pose for you, but I do have a word for you, or rather words… Sat Cit Ananda. Translated as Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. We are all, at our core, pure and unadulterated bliss, and our journey is to find that bliss, connect to it and bring it into our every day lives. I don’t want to go on about what sat cit ananda means to me because I hope you’ll reflect on it and derive your own meaning. So this week, if you have 10 minutes spare, please use that time to meditate and reflect on this concept.

That warm, fuzzy feeling inside can be closely emulated by soup. Ah, soup. If I posted all the soups I ever made, I’d need a whole recipe section just for soup… and I’m not ruling that out. I love soup, I eat a ton of soup, and today I’m all about Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Ginger soup…

Ingredients (serves 4 for lunch)sweet-potato-red-pepper-and-ginger-soup

2 large sweet potatoes, roughly diced
3″ piece of ginger, peeling and sliced
3 red peppers, deseeded and roughly diced
1 white onion, peeling and sliced
1.5l veg stock
1 tsp cayenne pepper powder
glug of EVOO
sea salt & freshly cracked black pepper


  • Heat the oil in a big soup pot, add the onion, salt, pepper and cayenne and sweat off.
  • Add the rest of the veg and cook for a few minutes, keeping it moving.
  • Pour over stock, cover, bring to the boil then turn down to a simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Blitz with a hand blender. Serve piping hot, enjoy!

I’m eating this with toast.. toast with peanut butter and cucumber; toast with hummus; toast with avocado and home grown tomatoes… any way you like.

I really do love hearing how you get on with the recipes and seeing your pictures! Get on social media with #mykindalifestyle so I can see them all. And I hope you get time for a wee meditation to remind you that you are happiness, you just need to let it shine through.

Namaste 🙂 x


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