My Kinda Lifestyle is all about being true to yourself and not judging others.

I’m Nicky – I’m in my late 20s and I live in Glasgow with my gorgeous dog Eiko. I am a hatha yoga teacher, community gardener and vegan nutrition consultant. I cycle, walk, stretch and cook daily, frequently with a glass of wine in hand.

Some of the recipes, ideas and input come from the lovely Catriona. Not quite vegan,
mother of 4, grows her own veggies and a bit of a health nut. She lives in rural Ayrshire with her husband, practises yoga daily and her retirement plan consists of hens and a polytunnel.
All of the recipes on the site are vegan, organic and gluten free, just like me. Gluten makes me very unwell, but if it doesn’t make you then I recommend plenty and varied whole grains; wheat, spelt, rye, etc. Vegan is not a bad or scary word. It’s a sign of respect for others, people and animals, the environment and yourself. It’s a part of my life and spirituality, but tasty veggie food can be enjoyed by anyone from any walk of life.


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