All of the food I make is vegan, wheat free and free from refined sugar and salt.

I have been vegan since January 2015 and since then my diet has got healthier and healthier, until May 2015 when I removed gluten from my diet. This was a personal choice as I had a lot of issues with my gut and just wasn’t very well at all. It was a very similar feeling I’d had before cutting out dairy in my diet, so experimented with no gluten and no soya to see if either were an issue, and it resolved itself with a gluten free diet. I have since started eating small amounts of non-wheat gluten, but not every day, and I never eat wheat. I do eat soya but limit my intake at home as often when I eat out it’s the only option, and whilst some express health concerns over soya, my reluctance to eat too much of it are mostly related to the bad farming practices associated with the soya bean (although that is largely confined to the US) and frankly it gets a bit samey. Whilst being vegan is a very personal lifestyle choice to me and something I would never compromise on, I don’t expect everyone to feel the same. I applaud any effort to make more healthful and compassionate decisions in any area of life and I hope that some of these recipes can inspire you and help you along your journey.

Every body, and kitchen, is different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you, and you may want to add in things here and take out things there, and that’s great! Tell me about your changes and experiments! We can all learn from one another.


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