Chocolate Orange Cake

(Serves 12)

2 flax eggs*
100g soya flour
100g pinhead oatmeal
50g cocoa powder
100g raw brown cane sugar
2 tsp gf baking powder
125ml maple syrup
250ml orange juice (7 or 8 oranges)
70ml extra virgin olive oil (+ extra for greasing)
1 tbsp orange marmalade

125ml warm water
200g medjool dates
2 tbsp cocoa powder
4 tbsp orange juice

+ the zest of 1 orange for garnish.

*Blend 2 tbsp flax seeds and 6 tbsp water in a blender, and set aside in fridge for 15 mins.

– Preheat over to 180°C.
– Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, mix well.
– Combine wet ingredients in a separate bowl, mix well.
– Mix the wet and dry ingredients together and mix until smooth.
– Line an 8″ round baking tin with removable bottom with grease proof paper, and grease with oil.
– Bake at 180°C for 35 – 40mins.
– Leave to cool before removing from tin.

– Blend all ingredients together in a food processor, or blender.

Ice the cake once cool, and grate over orange zest. Enjoy!

Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake


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