Yoga Classes

Group Classes

Monday 5:30 – 6:45pm
Toryglen Community Hall
199 Prospecthill Circus, Glasgow G42 0LA
A friendly, relaxed class suitable for all levels. Mats & blocks provided. £5.

Sunday 11am – 12pm.
Glasgow Fitness
5 Spiersbridge Business Park, Spiersbridge Way, Thornliebank G46 8NG
£6. Suitable for all levels. Mats provided.

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Private Classes

I offer private yoga classes in your home or city centre Glasgow for individuals or groups.
Please get in touch if you would like to organise a private class.

New to class?

Try to eat an hour or two before class, and eat lightly. Yoga is a great aid for digestion but best not practised on a full stomach.

Listen to your body. Stretching is good, a little discomfort is fine, but pain is bad. If something hurts, don’t do it. Ease off, let me know, and we’ll adapt the pose for how you’re feeling that day. If you ever want to stop for any reason, or just take a rest, then do so… there’s no judgement, we all need a little extra time in Child’s Pose sometimes.

Drink water! Generally, all day every day, but specifically, it’s advisable to bring a bottle of water to class in order to stay hydrated.

Wear comfortable, breathable clothes that allow a full range of movement. A comfortable jumper can be nice for relaxation.

We practise barefoot. Shoes are an absolute no. If you really want to keep your socks on I won’t physically remove them, but you’re going to slip about a lot and it can be a little risky (you don’t want Triangle Pose to turn into the splits!) If you’re really adverse to baring your feet then I suggest you get anti-slip socks that have grip on the bottom.

Bring your own mat, if you have one. I have mats available to use, but if you’re regularly practising it’s best to get your own so that you can practise at home, and your mat in class feels like your own space. Speak to me if you’d like advice on this.

Lastly, sometimes life gets in the way of our plans, and for one reason or another we wind up being late. If you’re late then please respect others in your class: come in quietly, roll out your mat quietly, don’t start chatting, just lie down and bring your focus to your breath. And if you’re going to be more than 5/10 minutes late, then it’s best not to attend that week as you’ll miss the warm up and could injure yourself.

Be kind, respect others and listen to your body.



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